About The Aesthetics Medical Clinic

THE AESTHETICS MEDICAL CLINIC was first established in 2005. We provide a plethora of aesthetics solutions by a panel of qualified and experienced doctors. To ensure that you receive only the best and the latest in the aesthetics field, our doctors constantly keep abreast of the latest equipments and procedures available through international medical forums.

At The Aesthetics Medical Clinic
We are committed to:

  • engage only qualified professionals and service personnel so as to deliver the best possible solution in the most comprehensive manner
  • continuous research and development of only the most effective aesthetics treatments and products for optimal results
  • provide a pleasant and professional environment with absolute privacy

We take pride in providing the most personalised and individualised course of treatment(s) that is best suited for you.

  • Comprehensive, one-to-one consultation where we will evaluate your area of concern and discuss your treatment goals, concerns, anatomy and lifestyle. A patch test may be conducted prior to the treatment, alongside a review on treatment dosage.
  • Treatments are administered by qualified healthcare professionals, complications are usually infrequent and minor by nature. Like all medication and
  • surgery, the risk of side effects and complications is undeniable but can certainly be reduced. A list of pre-and post-operative instructions will be provided so as to reduce the risk of possible side effects and complications.