3 in 1 Collagen

This laser treatment can effectively lifts off key signs of ageing: rejuvenates dull complexions, tightens the skin while fighting stubborn pigmentation; wrinkles and fine lines. This specially formulated treatment improves the appearance of skin texture, reducing skin irregularities illuminating a tauter and younger looking countenance. Two cutting edge technologies (Fractional CO2 Laser and  Carbon Laser Peel Treatment) work in tandem for skin rejuvenation inside out. Following the 2 non-invasive laser technology, we infuse a patented protein extract potent in Soluble Collagen, Protein peptides, Hyaluronic Acid and Fibronectin into the epidermis  for visibly brighter and tauter skin. Dramatic results are usually notices around the eye area, cheeks and jowls as your skin continues to tighten over the course of subsequent treatments.

For: Sagging Skin, Uneven skin tone, Skin tightening, Facial lifting, Pigmentation