Carbon Laser Peel

The Carbon Laser Peel treatment is a laser resurfacing procedure for reducing skin irregularities. This laser peel helps to reduce skin imperfections like enlarged pores, even on difficult areas such as the nose area, while promoting a smooth and refined complexion.

The process involves emitting concentrated, pulsing beams of light on the epidermis after it has been covered by a thin layer of carbon to absorb the laser light energy. Thermal reactions are stimulated to generate the growth of connective tissues and new skin cells to produce a tighter and younger looking countenance. During this process, the carbon particles work on exfoliating the skin and purging skin pores to refine pore size. A gentle vacuum removes the carbon particles as the laser moves over to another carbon layer.

For: Fine lines, Wrinkles, Pigmentation, Freckles, Acne