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Instead of using different lasers to treat each skin problem individually, The Aesthetics Medical Clinic’s Tetra 4-in-1 Treatment incorporates lasers of varying wavelengths to work on multiple skin irregularities at once. This includes a long-pulse wavelength that stimulates collagen production at the dermis, a superficial wavelength that blasts away dead skin cells while clearing out accumulated debris from clogged pores and blackheads, and a unique pigment wavelength that can be adjusted to break down melanin clusters. To finish, a customised fractional wavelength is used to firm and refine your skin texture, leaving it smooth, pore-free, even-toned and line-free.


The result is a smooth, supple and flawless complexion that is #nofilter-worthy, be it in your social media posts or in real life. Minimal to No Downtime needed for this treatment make it the ultimate solution for your skin wearies.

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