C-SPOT Treatment - Cystic Acne Spot Removal

Acne is usually happens deep within your skin layer and appears as a red, angry, hard bump above your skin. There are many causes of cystic acne most of the time hormonal. Cystic Wall usually forms around the cystic acne thus many would find that Cystic Acne will recur again in similar spots even if it is healed naturally. Dr. Francis Tjang mentions ”Typically, many would go to the doctor’s office for a quick remedy of cortisone injection to reduce the inflammation of the cystic acne.

However, this does not get rid of the root of the problem as it does not drain out the pus or eliminate the cystic wall of the acne.” Our Approach is the C-SPOT Treatment. This Cystic Acne Spot Removal Treatment utilizes Spot C02 laser treatment to create a channel to the root of the problem to release the trapped substance of the cystic acne. The spot size of the laser is minute (in the microns) , thus, does not create any scar in the region. Cystic Acne Spot removal prevents scar to occur and eliminates the root of the problem. C-SPOT Treatment can allow hard nodule cystic bumps to be relived quickly and will often help in prevention of cystic acne to regrow in that region.

The laser can only be performed by a trained physcian.

C-SPOT treatment can only be done at CSC Bukit Batok Outlet.

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