Dr Ashley Yuen



MB (London) | BS (London)

Dr Ashley graduated from the prestigious King’s College London School of Medicine, one of the world’s top medical schools. He then returned to Singapore where he honed his medical and surgical skills across various specialties and disciplines, before focusing on aesthetic medicine.

Dr Ashley has years of experience in aesthetic techniques under his belt. He believes in listening to your concerns and enhancing your natural features optimally, boosting both your confidence and your looks.

One of his favorite sayings is, “If you look good, you will feel good, and if you feel good, you will look good.”

With his practiced eye, steady hands, and keen ability to assess beauty, he has garnered a strong following who have benefited from his expertise in face lifting and skin rejuvenation through procedures such as fillers, skin boosters, botox, lasers, HIFU, and many others.

He believes in focusing on the patient and treating the patient, recommending only what is best for them in both the short and long term.