What is a Hydrafacial?

A HydraFacial is a multistep facial done with a patented device that uses Vortex-Fusion to cleanse, exfoliate, extract pores, and deliver customized serums into the skin. It is a gentle treatment that is safe for all skin types and tones.


During the treatment, a provider uses different attachments on a handheld device to vacuum out dead skin cells and other pore-clogging debris, deliver a mild peel, and infuse skin with soothing, hydrating, and anti-aging ingredients like antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and peptides.


A series of treatments can correct uneven tone, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, reduce the look of enlarged pores, and clear and prevent acne.


It is a fast procedure and one session usually takes 30 minutes or less. There is typically no irritation or even redness following a HydraFacial. It also does not use steam, which can dilate blood vessels and cause redness in sensitive skin. The vacuum extractions do not hurt and should not leave skin looking red and inflamed.


What happens during a Hydrafacial

Cleanse & Peel

It begins with a deep cleansing of the pores but it goes much deeper than a topical application. The cleansing process includes a mix of botanical cleansers and hydrating, soothing ingredients. The pen-like HydraPeel tip removes makeup and dirt.


Next is the exfoliation phase, which uses a mix of glycolic and salicylic acids to help shed the dead top layer of skin cells and uncover a more radiant-looking complexion. As with any chemical exfoliating treatment, slight tingling may be experienced, but because it is a mild peel, you should not feel it sting or burn.


The aim is to get rid of any dead layers, which helps to deliver the serums deeper and enhance the end result.



A vacuum-like tip called the vortex-extraction nozzle dislodges and removes blackheads and any remaining impurities from deep within the pores. This vacuum step stimulates lymphatic drainage, helping to boost circulation while removing excess fluid and waste.



The next step involves an infusion of a targeted serum, a customized cocktail that includes hydrating ingredients, antioxidants, peptides, and collagen that can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, energize and brighten the skin, improve firmness, or target other concerns.



Before you go, your provider will apply moisturizer and sunscreen.


How long do the results last for

Your HydraFacial results, which is a deeply hydrated, glowing skin and a more even complexion, should last at least five to seven days. Longer-lasting results can be achieved through a series of monthly HydraFacials and maintenance treatments.