Rejuvenation Laser

Rejuvenation Laser is one of the latest advancements in skin care to:
Remove Skin Impurities, Lighten Pigmentation
Lighten Acne Scars
Brighten Skin Tone
Stimulate Collagen Production
Hydrate Your Skin

 To achieve optimum results, our Rejuvenation Laser is a combination of
1) Norseld Dual Yellow Laser
2) Lucas Plus Laser

    Norseld Dual Yellow Laser
    is suitable for all skin tones. This laser is effective for brightening your skin and giving it a radiant glow! It will vaporise your pigmentation, allowing them to lighten, and reduce any redness.The Yellow wavelength (577nm) provides the best absorption when treating blood vessels. Compared to the standard green wavelength (532nm), the yellow wavelength is able to produce 40% higher absorption in blood.

    Lucas Plus Laser
     is one of the best toning laser device.
    The wavelength is able to treat the deep lesion in the skin and is specially used for pigments such as freckles, blemishs and agespots with low wavelength. Acne marks will also be lightened. In addition, it is also effective in skin tightening as well as Melasma & Pigmented lesions treatment.